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Latin American steel exports to US up 31%

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Steel exports from Latin America to the US increased 30.9% in September, according to the US Census Bureau. Exports totaled 776,019t in the month, up from 592,687t in September 2013.

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The biggest increase was in exports from Mexico, which reached 332,696t, up from 239,749t in September 2013, followed by Brazil, at 409,035t compared to 334,336t. Argentina exported 13,007t, down from 15,613t, Colombia 959t, up from 749t and Chile 21t, up from zero.

By value, exports from the region were up 48% to $591m from $399m in the same year-ago month, with Mexico accounting for $321mn, up from $195mn, and Brazil $234mn, up from $172mn.

Brazil was the world's third biggest exporter by volume behind Canada and Russia, with Mexico fifth behind South Korea. By value, Mexico was second behind Canada, with Brazil sixth behind South Korea, China, and Russia.

Global steel exports to the US were 3.53Mt worth $3.26bn, up from 2.56t worth $2.33bn.

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