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Maryland recovered all jobs lost in recession

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Maryland has recovered 100 percent of the jobs lost in the national recession, thank, among other measures, to the EARN Maryland initiative.

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"Thanks to our dynamic private sector, Maryland has recovered the jobs lost during the recession a year earlier than our end of 2014 goal. But we do not think of it as a mission accomplished -we're now focused on moving beyond 100 percent, to continue to expand opportunity and to grow our increasingly diverse middle class," said Governor O'Malley.

The EARN Maryland initiative is managed by the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR), and encourages regional workforce training collaborations among businesses, non-profits, institutions of higher education, community college, local workforce investment boards, local governments, and various types of workforce training providers.

Supported by the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, EARN Maryland is a proven strategy for providing Maryland's employers with skilled workers. Among similar initiatives around the country, this approach led to skills advancement, career building opportunities and increased wages.

An estimated 1,000 regional sector partnerships are operating across the country. More than 25 states are exploring or implementing sector strategies as a way to address industry needs through education and training programs.

EARN Maryland planning grants will be awarded on a competitive basis through an application process. DLLR will release the EARN Maryland planning grant solicitations by October 15 and awards will be announced by December 2013. For more information on the planning grant process, you can visit this website.

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