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Mexicans work longest hours, Germans the least

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Mexicans and Germans put in the longest and least hours respectively at work in 2015, a labour report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) showed.

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Mexicans put in an annual 2,246 hours, while German's enjoyed just 1,371 hours in the work place, the OECD study of 38 nations revealed.

The top-five longest working nations were rounded out by Costa Rica (2,246 hours), Korea (2,113), Greece (2,042) and Chile (1,988).

The top-five least working countries included Netherlands (1,419), Norway (1,424), Denmark (1,457) and France (1,482).

Workers from Iceland totted up 1,880 hours in the workplace each year, far outpacing the United Kingdom's 1,674.

In the U.S., workers clocked up 1,790 hours a year, while in New Zealand it was 1,757 and for Australia it was 1,665.

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