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Mexico has most satisfied employees in the world

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Mexico has some of the most engaged and satisfied employees in the world, shows The Steelcase Global Report: Engagement and the Global Workplace report.

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U.S. employees rank sixth in the study with 14 percent of workers highly engaged. Established economies France, Spain and Belgium came in last. Data came from from 12,480 workers in 17 countries, Ipsos said.

Despite the perception that the open office has taken over, only 21 percent of U.S. offices are entirely open plan. In fact, more workplaces are configured with entirely private offices than those comprising completely open-space configurations.

The prevalence of all open-plan offices in the U.S. is below the global average (23 percent), and well below countries where real estate is more limited, such as the U.K. where 49 percent of offices are entirely open.

American workplaces highly favor fixed technology and have the second highest reliance on landline phones of any country. Employers are also least likely to provide a mobile phone to their employees (26 percent).

Considering landlines and desktops can quite literally tether employees to their desks, for some organizations this could play a role in restricting employee control and access to privacy.

The data show that workers who are highly satisfied with various aspects of their workplace also demonstrate higher levels of engagement. Yet, only 13 percent of global workers are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace.

The inverse is true as well: 11 percent of employees are highly dissatisfied with their offices and are also highly disengaged.

Across the globe, the most common workplace design features a combination of open spaces and private offices, but more than three quarters of global employees say they work in either individual or shared private offices.

The greatest contrast in open environments and private or shared offices can be seen in Europe, where nearly half of all office layouts are entirely open in the United Kingdom (49 percent), but where 54 percent of German workplaces consist entirely of individual or shared private offices.

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