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Millennials are Mexico's digital trendsetters

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Millennials are by far the most digital generation in Mexico. They are also the most populous group, totaling approximately 40.5 million, or nearly 34% of the population in Mexico in 2014.

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This is according to data from government agencies Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (INEGI) and Consejo Nacional de Poblacion (CONAPO).

According to comScore Media Metrix, the 15.6 million millennial internet users (ages 15 to 34) made up 52.0% of Mexico's online population in March 2014. By contrast, children between 6 and 14 represented 15.1% of internet users, and their share dropped as the complexity of digital activities grew (for example, percentage of social media users or visitors to retail sites).

It is worth noting, however, that this measurement includes only home and work locations and excludes mobile internet traffic—a category dominated by millennials—as well as public computers.

Within the internet, there is social. And in that category, millennials once again were ahead of the curve. comScore found that there were 15.4 million 15-to-34-year-old unique visitors to social media properties in March 2014, representing 55.6% of social networkers in Mexico.

What social media properties were these young consumers using? As predictable as it may be, the answer was Facebook, which had 13.2 million unique millennial visitors in Mexico in March 2014, representing 85.7% of 15-to-34-year-old social networkers. But don't hold your breath waiting for anything usual to follow suit in that list. ShareThis and Taringa! rounded out the top three social properties among millennials. LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ came in fourth, sixth and eighth place, respectively.

Millennials also represented 54.8% of digital video viewers and 56.1% of retail site visitors in Mexico. Among the 15-to-34 age group, properties that sold tangible goods fared well. Fully 1.6 million millennials accessed retail sites that sold computer hardware, and 1.1 million visited sites where they could buy books.

The top 10 retail site categories were rounded out by apparel (900,000 unique visitors), consumer electronics (900,000), sports and outdoor equipment (700,000) and department stores (600,000).

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