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Millennials are more brand loyal than older consumers

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A nationwide survey commissioned by the Marketing Executives Networking Group reveals that millennials are more likely to be brand loyal than older consumers.

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For example, 55% of millennials claim to be more brand loyal compared to 39% of consumers in the 35-and-older group.

In addition, the results indicate that more than half of respondents in both the millennials group and the 35-and-older group indicated they trusted Amazon more than any other major tech company.

In terms of most trusted tech brand, about 17% of the millennials pointed to Google, about 12% to Apple, roughly 8% to Facebook, and about 5% indicated that Microsoft was the most trustworthy of the major tech brands.

The survey was conducted online between May 1 and May 8, 2015 among nationwide representative sample of 1,036 consumers.

"Millennials are very brand loyal and if you get them using your brand early they will continue to do so for a long time. However, if your brand loses their trust, millennials will tell the world about it through social media and your reputation will be damaged," said Jim Bilello, President of US Marketing.

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