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Millennials feeling burnout, they are not motivated

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One generation stands out as being more motivated at work by a sense of purpose, and it’s not who you might think.

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Surprisingly, Baby Boomers (46 percent) and Generation X (32 percent) are more motivated by having a sense of purpose at work than their younger Millennial counterparts (24 percent), according to the Staples Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index.

For the first time, employers are faced with managing five generations in the workplace – Generation Z (under 18 years old), Generation Y/Millennials (18-33 years old), Generation X (34-50 years old), Baby Boomers (51-70 years old), and in some cases even the Greatest Generation (over 70 years old).

Each age group is inspired and motivated by different things, so it’s critical for employers to avoid stereotypes and understand what their employees are looking for at work.

It’s particularly important for employers to be in tune with workers’ needs as the three most prevalent generations in the workplace today – Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers – feel overworked and burned out.

Fifty percent of Millennials, 47 percent of Gen X, and 35 percent of Boomers say burnout is motivating them to look for another job.

To improve burnout, Boomers would like their employer to decrease their workload and provide more time to complete tasks, while Gen X and Millennials are aligned and looking for a more flexible schedule and work-life blend.

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