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Millennials fuel demand for mobile-optimized sites

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Put simply, millennials who own smartphones use them a lot, according to a June 2014 study by Mitek and Zogby Analytics.

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Among US millennial smartphone users polled, nearly 90% said their phones never left their side both night and day and 80% admitted they instantly reached for them right when they woke up.

With their phones in reach pretty much 24/7, it makes sense that millennial smartphone users would turn to their devices to surf the web and launch apps—but the survey results suggest they're not always thrilled with what they find when they get to a company's site or the app store.

For example, 71% of respondents said that many companies didn't even have a mobile app yet. Even worse, 86% of those polled commented that a lot of websites didn't offer good mobile functionality. Considering that nearly half of respondents said they attempted to access the mobile site of a business via smartphone or tablet at least once daily, this is more than just a problem—it's something marketers looking to reach millennials must take into account.

Based on June 2014 research by Burst Media, when trying to please millennials, smartphone-optimized sites and apps are more important than those designed for tablets.

The study found that smartphones were millennials' device of choice for internet and app access, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of US mobile device users ages 18 to 34 citing these as their primary mobile device for logging on to the web or checking out an app. Meanwhile, 22% said the same for tablets.

Growth in the millennial smartphone audience is slowing as penetration among mobile phone users in the demographic hits impressive highs.

eMarketer estimates that there will be 66.4 million US millennial smartphone users this year, representing 81.2% of mobile phone users in this age group. This total will hit 86.2 million by 2018, when 99.7% of millennials who use mobile phones will have a smartphone.

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