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Mobile internet on the rise

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What your teen is doing today is a good sign of what you will be doign tomorrow. And tomorrow looks like this: you will surf the internet mostly via mobile phone.

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Smartphone adoption among American teens has increased substantially and mobile access to the internet is pervasive: 25 percent of teens are "cell-mostly" internet users who say they mostly go online using their phone and not using some other device such as a desktop or laptop computer. These are among the new findings from a Pew Research Center survey that explored technology use among 802 youth ages 12-17 and their parents.

Pew found that 78% of teens have a cell phone, with 47% of them with smartphones; 23% of teens have a tablet computer, a level comparable to the general adult population; 95% of teens use the internet. 93% of teens have a computer or have access to one at home; 71% of teens with home computer access say the laptop or desktop they use most often is one they share with other family members.

"he nature of teens’ internet use has transformed dramatically - from stationary connections tied to shared desktops in the home to always-on connections that move with them throughout the day. In many ways, teens represent the leading edge of mobile connectivity, and the patterns of their technology use often signal future changes in the adult population," said Mary Madden, Senior Researcher for the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project and co-author of the report.

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