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Mobile takes majority share of UK time with digital media

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In 2016, for the first time, adults in the UK will spend more time with their mobile devices than with desktop and laptop computers, eMarketer projects.

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This year, mobile time — which includes nonvoice time with tablets and mobile phones — will account for more than a quarter of daily media time for the average adult, at 2 hours and 29 minutes, representing an 11.8% rise over last year.

Traditional TV viewing—that is, linear broadcast television viewing on a TV set—will represent just under a third of daily media time this year.

By 2018, the end of eMarketer’s forecast period, mobile will have a 29.5% share of total media time spent per day—just a single percentage point behind TV.

By 2018, eMarketer estimates, mobile’s share of advertising spend will reach 44.5%, even as it accounts for just 29.5% of time spent with media.

For comparison, eMarketer estimates that marketers will allocate 19% of ad spending to desktop- and laptop-based placements, as consumers spend 23% of their daily media time with desktop and laptop PCs.

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