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More than 100 swimming pools worth $1 billion will be built in Ukraine

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Over 100 water sports complexes worth about $1 billion will be built in Ukraine over the next five years, First Deputy President of the Ukrainian Swimming Federation Volodymyr Shumilin has said at the international conference "City and Modern Swimming Pool."

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"At least 100 water sports complexes will appear in Ukraine in the next five years. Fitness industry and municipalities, which decentralization enabled to realize the needs of citizens in the sports infrastructure, are working simultaneously in this direction," he said.

According to the forecasts of the federation, fitness service market operators in 2018-2023 will create new water sports facilities in large and medium-sized cities (from 250,000 inhabitants), while municipalities in large, medium and small settlements.

President of the Swimming Federation Dmytro Kachurovsky noted the federation provides cities with methodological assistance for creating water sports facilities that meet international standards and are suitable for training and sports competitions.

According to the federation, now 534 swimming pools and swimming complexes operate in Ukraine. Of these, 100 are privately owned - in the structure of fitness complexes and hotels.

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