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More third-country citizens pursuing job opportunities in Latvia

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The number of third-country citizens, or citizens from non-European Union member countries, who are pursuing job opportunities in Latvia is increasing, the LETA news agency reported.

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On Janueray 1, 2014, Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs (OCMA) registered a total of 2,309 work permits for third-country citizens, the report said.

The majority of them, 742 citizens, came from Belarus, while 546 and 496 citizens wre from Ukraine and Russia, respectively.

Data also showed that 130 citizens were from the Philippines, and then follow India, the United States, Uzbekistan, China, and Turkey.

Latvian legislation requires third-country citizens to acquire a visa and work permit for short-term employment. For the long-term employment, a residence permit is necessary.

Any citizen from a third-country is eligible to request permanent residence permit, if he or she has continuously resided in Latvia for at least five years and acquired the Latvian language.

In 2010, the number of such citizens was five, in 2011 was three, in 2012 was 23, in 2013 was 48, and in 2014 was already 57.

According to Latvian State Revenue Service, a total of 2,784 European Union (excluding Latvia) citizens and 1,744 other countries' residents have been registered as tax payers.

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