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Moscow to build 17 more metro stations before year end

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There are plans to build 17 metro stations in Moscow before the year is out, Head of the City Department of Construction Andrei Bochkaryov said.

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“In early 2018, we opened eight new metro stations with 16.7 kilometres of rail tracks. The 15-kilometre-plus Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Line, currently being extended from the Ramenki stop towards the Rasskazovka stop, will have seven new stations,” he added.

“On 21 June, we conducted a trial run of the third section of the metro’s Solntsevskaya line. This yellow-line section consists of the Michurinsky Prospekt, Ozyornaya, Govorovo, Solntsevo, Borovskoye Shosse, Novoperedelkino as well as Rasskazovka stations.

The main construction works have been completed in this sector. The line is currently being readied for being tested, its traffic control systems are being adjusted, and it will start operating soon.

The city is also working to complete a seven-kilometre section of the metro’s Kozhukhovskaya Line from Nekrasovka to Kosino station. Four new stations are being built there.

Next year, this line will be extended towards Nizhegorodskaya station. In addition to all this, Belomorskaya station of the metro’s Zamoskvoretskaya Line will open this year. Builders are currently installing equipment there and adding finishing touches.

Mr Bochkaryov told journalists about the operation of tunnel boring machines. “We use each machine to build a metro line section. After that, we remove and readjust it.

“The machine is then delivered towards the next section and starts operating there. In all, the city operates 20 such machines, 12 of them are now under the ground. We are now preparing to operate eight machines along other metro line sections,” he added.

Although tunnel boring operations are rather complicated, they are not the most critical aspect of the metro construction process. According to Mr Bochkaryov, construction of new stations is the most difficult part of building new metro lines because it involves long-term construction, assembly and specialised work.

One machine digs a 250-300-metre tunnel monthly. Therefore the city builds about two kilometres of tunnels along various lines per month. In the past six months, we have dug about 12 kilometres of tunnels on unfinished radial metro lines, Mr Bochkaryov noted.

The city also plans to build about 100 kilometres of roads before the year is out. In late 2019, Moscow central diametre cross-city railway routes are to link the Moscow Region’s railway stations with the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) belt railway, and they will also merge with the metro system.

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