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Most German consumers rarely shop at big stores

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Almost two-thirds of Germans rarely go shopping in big department stores, said a representative survey on the future of the German department stores.

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According to the pollster YouGov, one in four respondents still goes regularly to shop at big German department stores Kaufhof and Karstadt, while one in ten respondents never does.

As the survey showed, especially young people aged between 18 and 24 years steer clear of the shopping malls in Germany, as more than 80 percent of them said they rarely or never shop in big department stores.

Furthermore, people aged over 55 are found most frequently there in Germany.

With regard to the threatened closure of the Karstadt branches, 14 percent of respondents said that the time of the big department stores like Karstadt was definitely over, while 53 percent said that the branches should be maintained because they are an important part of attractive downtown areas.

For the survey, YouGov interviewed a total of 1,023 consumers in Germany from August 19 to August 21.

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