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Myanmar earns $5 billion from exports

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Myanmar earned $5 billion from exports over the past five and half months with natural gas a key money earner, the Ministry of Commerce has said.

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Earnings from seven types of exports, from April 1 up till September 19 for the 2014-2015 fiscal year, amounted to $5.106 billion.

The seven types of exports were farm produce, marine products, industrial finished products (which includes natural gas exports), animal products, timber products, mining products and other products.

Export earnings were farm produce ($1.09 billion), animal products ($2.34 million), marine products ($175 million), mining products ($760.5 million), timber products ($23.7 million), industrial finished products ($2.52 billion) and other products ($538 million).

Trade covers exports via sea and national borders. Imports surpassed exports in trade via sea while border trade saw more exports.

In an effort to promote trade volume, the ministry is taking measures to curb illegal trade in border areas and via sea.

Import-export registration cards are being issued to small-scale local entrepreneurs at all border trade camps around the country with the aim of fighting illegal trade.

To develop the trade sector, the Ministry of Commerce is implementing trade projects with the help of foreign countries.

These projects cover Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF), National Export Strategy (NES) and National Trade Facilitation Implementation Plan (NTFIP).

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