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Netherlands’ airports switching 100% to wind energy

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On January 1, 2018, all major Dutch airports will be completely shifting to wind power for the supply of their electricity.

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All airports part of Royal Schiphol Group are participating, including not just the main port, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, but also Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Eindhoven Airport, and Lelystad Airport.

Together, these handle almost all civil aviation flights arriving or departing in the Netherlands, transporting 70 million passengers and almost 1.7 million tonnes of cargo in 2016.

The electricity will be supplied by energy company Eneco, which is also serving the Dutch Railways.

In terms of energy units, this deal is much smaller — 200 million kWh a year — but that still equates to the electricity consumption of about 60,000 Dutch households.

Part of the deal between Royal Schiphol Group and Eneco is that all electricity should come from newly built wind farms on Dutch dominions. That means that at first the majority of renewable energy will still come from older sources, but that as new wind farms come online, the share of already existing capacity will steadily diminish.

By 2020, the airports will be operating purely on electricity coming from wind farms.