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Netherlands earns €0.5 billion in car exports to US

Christian Fernsby |
In 2015, the Dutch private sector generated more than 0.5 billion euros in revenues through European exports of motor vehicles and vehicle components to the United States.

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These include both direct exports and intermediate supplies to car manufacturers in the EU which export to the US.

This is evident from research on international value chains which was conducted by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) based on OECD figures from 2015, the most recently available data.

In 2015, the EU automobile industry exported over 208 billion euros worth of motor vehicles and vehicle components to countries outside the European Union.

With an export value of 61.7 billion euros, the United States is the main non-EU destination.

Germany is the largest European supplier in this area, with exports to the US totalling 36.4 billion euros (59 percent of total EU car exports to the US).

The United Kingdom comes in second place (10.4 percent), followed by Italy (8.9 percent).

With an export value of around 200 million euros, the Netherlands occupies a share of merely 0.3 percent.

The automobile industry is the backbone of the German manufacturing sector.

In 2015, the industry generated 19.6 percent of the total value added in the German manufacturing sector and 4.6 percent of Germany’s GDP.

The German automobile industry represents one of the most international value chains in the world with over 28 percent of (direct) supplies to the German car industry originating from abroad at a value of 64.3 billion euros.

Dutch suppliers consider the nearby German car industry an attractive sales market.

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