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Netherlands has seventh largest trade surplus in the world

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Worldwide, the Netherlands has the seventh largest trade surplus in the trade of goods, according to figures released by Statistics Netherlands.

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China and Germany have the largest trade surpluses in the world in the absolute sense. The United States have by far the largest trade deficit in the goods trade.

In 2014 the deficit reached nearly 800 billion dollars, more than the surpluses of China and Germany put together. Nearly 50 percent of the deficit of the USA comes from the trade with China.

The Netherlands, with 85.6 billion dollars has the second largest trade surplus of the European Union, after Germany, and the seventh largest in the world. Including the transition trade flows, the Netherlands exported 672.4 billion dollars worth and imported for 586.8 billion dollars in 2014.

Three EU countries are ranked with the largest trade deficits in dollars: France (5), Spain (9) and Greece (11).

In comparison with the national GDP of each country the German trade surpluss (8 percent of GDP) and China (4 percent) are smaller than the Dutch trade surpluss (10 percent).

In this relative ranking, the Netherlands occupies the 25th position in the world. The Greek deficit (12 percent) as a percentage of GDP is considerable larger than that of the USA (5 percent), France (3 percent) or Spain (2 percent).

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