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Netherlands: Majority of job losers quickly back to work after the first lockdown

Christian Fernsby |
Despite the economic impact of the lockdowns, unemployment has increased relatively little.

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Research by UWV shows that 61% of employees who lost their job between March and October 2020 found work again within six months.

Also in the catering industry and the culture, sports and recreation sector, both of which were hit hard by the corona crisis, a large part of the job losers found work again within six months. In the hospitality industry, 63% of job losers found work again within six months and in culture, sports and recreation this was 59% of job losers.

The consequences for employees who lost their jobs after the second and third lockdown are not yet known.

The job losers in the hospitality industry and culture, sport and recreation generally found work again in the sector in which they worked. This is different in the travel industry and aviation. Of the job losers in the travel industry who found work within six months, 90% found work in another sector and in the aviation sector this was 87%.

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