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New air-electric line will be built between Bulgaria and Greece

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By order of the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Valentin Yovev, a detailed development plan for the construction of a new air-electric line on the territory of Bulgaria was approved.

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This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.

The pipeline will connect the Maritsa East in Bulgaria and Nea Santa in Greece. The project is part of the North-South priority energy corridor and is designated a national site and a site of national importance.

It is envisaged that the power line will maintain a high voltage of 400 kV.

The energy project is an element of the technical infrastructure outside the boundaries of the urbanized territories and will be built on the territories of the municipalities of Simeonovgrad, Haskovo, Harmanli, Kardzhali, Momchilgrad and Kirkovo.

The construction of the power line will contribute to the increase of the electricity transmission capacity of the energy system in the region as well as to the security of electricity exchange between the two countries.

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