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New container line connecting Seville with UK and Netherlands

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Following the signing of an alliance between OPDR and Boluda Corporación Marítima in the port of Seville, launched a new container line connecting the Peninsula with the United Kingdom was launched.

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According to the Port Authority, this new weekly line - Portugal and South Spain (POSS) - connects the English port of Tilbury with Rotterdam, Setúbal and the south of Spain via Seville. With a transit time of just four days from Andalusia to Tilbury, the new line offers the fastest connection from southern Spain to the UK on the market.

It highlights that the port of Seville has a strategic position in the new service. The interior maritime port, whose container terminal is managed by OPDR and Boluda, offers a direct connection to the Spanish interior and efficiently links Seville with the Spanish capital by railroad and truck.

"This is because the Seville container terminal has the rail terminal and access to the SE-30 bypass integrated," he adds.

This new line, and the ones connecting Seville with the Canary Islands through the Canary Island Express (SECI) service, make a total of five departures per week from the port managed by OPDR. The largest port in Europe, Rotterdam, is connected to Seville in just seven days.

Three vessels - OPDR Tanger, Las Palmas and Lisboa, with a maximum capacity of about 700 TEU each - will be used for the new POSS service and will mainly transport refrigerated goods.

As usual, this new line is customer-oriented, which means that all ships are equipped with pallet-wide containers that make it possible for more goods to be shipped by container, making the most efficient use of the space available.

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