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New electricity connection between Denmark and Germany approved

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The Danish energy, power and thermal minister Lars Christian Lilleholt approved's application for a new power cable that will link the East Danish and German power grid.

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The minister's approval is important and helps to shape the future of cross-border electricity market, how much more electricity to be traded back and forth across borders.

Danish power plants and wind turbine owners can on the one hand sell more power to German consumers and monetize it.

On the other hand, Danish consumers buying power in Germany, for example. when it is not blowing, and wind turbines are stationary. This makes the green transition cheaper and more efficient, says Torben Glar Nielsen, technical director of

The connection will be 400 megawatts (MW) and is a joint project between and the German electricity transmission operator 50 Hertz.

It is the world's first electricity interconnector between the two countries, which also connects two countries' offshore wind farms together.

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