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New Mexico business leaders concerned about government favoritism

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A poll of New Mexico business leaders found that less than one in five of them think the state is headed in the right direction.

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Executives voiced their concerns about the considerable influence of money in politics, campaign finance and lobbying, among other issues, and expressed overwhelming support for reforms to minimize unscrupulous activity.

The poll was sponsored by the Committee for Economic Development of The Conference Board (CED), a nonpartisan, business-led public policy organization, and conducted by Research & Polling, Inc.

Consistent with the 2016 study, nearly nine-in-ten (86%) business leaders in New Mexico say that big campaign donors have either a great deal of impact (39%) or some impact (47%) on state government corruption.

The vast majority (88%) of business leaders continue to say the ethical behavior of state elected officials over the past twenty years has been either a somewhat (40%) or very serious (48%) issue.

Consistent with the previous study, approximately two-thirds (64%) of New Mexico business leaders feel that greater transparency is needed in regards to the disclosure of political contributions.

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