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New Qatar-Turkey land route to cut shipping prices 80%

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The land route from Turkey to the Port of Bushehr in Iran and then by sea to the Ruwais port in Qatar is now open for the transport of goods.

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200 trucks carrying fruits, vegetables, grains and other food products coming from Turkey arrived in Qatar through this route, a Qatari Businessman said.

The land trade route through Turkey, Iran and Qatar is expected to significantly reduce the cost of transportation of goods.

The new trade line will lead to a decline of nearly 80% in the transportation cost of food items compared to air freight charges, say experts.

The route also marks a significant step in tackling the blockade as less transportation time means perishable goods can be transported quickly without damage.

He told the Arabic daily that Qatar's private sector has played a major role during the 90 days of the blockade on Qatar, pointing out that private businesses have closely followed the great efforts made by the State and its various agencies to secure the local market with various commodities and goods.

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