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New Russian highway projects proposed

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A proposal has been made to extend a key stretch of Russia’s high speed highway network.

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The highway connecting Moscow to Kazan would be upgraded and also extended in a bid to improve transport and cut journey times. A new highway section would run from Kazan, in the Volga Region, to Yekaterinburg, in the Urals, with planning already underway.

The project also calls for a new highway running from Kazan to Samara to the south. This route will bypass Togliatta and will include the construction of a new bridge spanning the Volga River.

Meanwhile $300.25 million of Russia’s Federal budget is being targeted at road maintenance and repair works in the Vologda Region.

The work will commence in 2019, with an annual budget of $45million and the plan is to carry out improvements to 300-350km of roads/year. Located in Russia’s north west, the Vologda Region is a short distance to the east of St Petersburg and to the south east of the border with Finland.

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