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New sea route between Mexico and the U.S. inaugurated

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The Port of Progreso stated that the Linea Peninsular company had opened its new route for container cargo that connected the port of Progreso with the port of Tampa Bay in the United States, through a weekly connection.

The new service, which has been in use since early August, departs from the port of Tampa on Tuesdays, reaches Altamira in 2.5 days, and then goes to Progreso in an estimated 2 days.

According to the directors of the Linea Peninsular shipping company, Tampa has become the central hub to supply Florida. "This new route will have a significant boom because Mexico is one of the main trading partners of the Tampa Bay Port", the managers stressed.

They also noted that they expected the container business, which move commodities such as food, beverages, consumer and construction goods, was going to have a great growth potential.

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