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New York sets high bar for wind energy

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The state of New York aims to become a new hub for the wind energy industry with its unique geographical position and ambitions goals.

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New York ranks 11th in the nation in terms of installed wind energy capacity and is the 15th windiest. As of 2014, the state had 20 wind energy projects in service, with a total capacity of 1.8 gigawatts of capacity. The state set of goal of 2.4 GW by 2030.

"New York intends to be the preeminent global hub for the next generation of the wind industry," Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said during the opening remarks of a wind energy conference. "We're making unprecedented investments in infrastructure and laying the groundwork for the offshore wind industry, which is primed to benefit from New York's talented, ambitious workforce."

A clean energy mandate in New York states that renewable energy should account for half of the installed capacity on the state grid by 2030. This week, managers at Norwegian energy company Statoil named their early-development project off the Long Island coast Empire Wind.

Statoil secured the 79,000 acre plot during a federal auction in December and said the facility has a design capacity of 1 GW of offshore wind.

The Board of Trustees of the Long Island Power Authority voted in favor of the 90-megawatt South Fork Wind Farm in January. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's broader state energy vision calls for a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and includes a $5 billion investment in clean-energy technology.

There are more than a dozen offshore wind energy projects in various stages of development in the United States, representing more than 9.1 GW of installed capacity. One GW is enough to power 100 million LED light bulbs.

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