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New York to get cell phone coverage in subway a year ahead of schedule

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Cell phone coverage in underground subway stations in New York City will be available a full year ahead of schedule.

All four carriers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, will present across it underground stations as of Monday, January 9th.

In addition, Wi-Fi has been installed in underground stations a full two years ahead of schedule.

The MTA’s early delivery was in response to the Governor’s directive at the beginning of 2016 to accelerate the project.

Transit Wireless has a long term agreement with the MTA to design, build, operate and maintain cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity in the underground subway stations.

The company has invested well over $300 million into this infrastructure project and is sharing revenues derived through the network’s services with the MTA.

The project was being built at no cost to taxpayers or subway riders.

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