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Nord Stream pipelines increase gas supplies to Europe

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The twin Nord Stream pipeline system in the Baltic Sea supplied 39.1 bcm (1.38 tcf) of gas last year to customers in the European Union.

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This mean the system operated last year at 71% of its 55 bcm/yr (1.9 tcf/yr) annual capacity, compared to 35.5 bcm (1.25 tcf)/65% in 2014 and 23.8 bcm (840 bcf)/43% in 2013.

Last December the system operated at an average load of 77.9%. Gas started flowing through the first of Nord Stream’s twin pipelines in November 2011. By Jan. 20, 2016, a total of 112.7 bcm (4 tcf) of natural gas had been transported through the completed system.

Nord Stream transports Russian gas to a receiving terminal on Germany’s Baltic coast, from where supplies enters the gas transportation systems of other European countries via two linking pipelines in Germany, OPAL, and NEL.

The European Commission currently imposes restrictions on the volumes transported via OPAL to other EU member states.

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