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Northeast China to reduce power capacity, air pollution

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Northeastern Chinese provinces should rebalance power demand and supply, better managing the wind power supply and cutting air pollution by 2020, China's energy regulator announced.

The northeast region, has been generating too much power in recent years which has seriously contributed to the smog, a statement from the National Energy Administration (NEA) pointed out.

The NEA urged the region to cancel or postpone coal-fired power generation projects with a joint capacity of over 7.5 million kilowatts. Regions with an energy waste rate higher than 20 percent should stop new projects.

A 800 kilovolt direct current power transmission project will be completed in 2017 to send the region's power to other areas, according to the statement.

The NEA encouraged the region to use electricity to replace coal and oil in providing heat and and in industrial or agricultural production.

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