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Norway lifts Segway ban

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The government's decision to allow Segways on the public streets of Norway came into force on July 1.

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Segways were banned because their top speeds of 20 km/h classified them as mopeds in Norway. This requires users to have a driving license, vehicle registration, insurance and to wear a helmet. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration then made them illegal, ruling them too unsafe to be used in public.

The machines cost around 60,000 kroner and may prove to be a popular tourist and consumer product in one of Europe's richest countries.

Head Ole Gjermundbo, head of Segway Norway expects to sell far more vehicles to businesses than to private customers. "It is a high-end product that is expensive, but we do expect some private customers, who either buy it for fun or because they have got a functional need like difficulties walking."

Gjermundbo declined to say what his company predicted sales to be in Norway, but can usually expect to sell "a few hundred machines each year" in all their market countries.

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