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Norway may continue to permit transport drivers to spend travel quarantine in vehicles

Christian Fernsby |
The EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA) has authorised Norway to prolong a temporary exception from EEA rules on driving and resting times, enabling road transport drivers entering the country to undertake quarantine in vehicles.

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The purpose of the measure is to ensure public health and the continued circulation of goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EEA law lays down rules for driving times, breaks and rest periods for drivers that carry goods and passengers by road. The objective of these rules is to harmonise conditions for drivers, ensuring equal competition, and to improve working conditions and road safety.

EEA EFTA States may, after authorisation from ESA, grant exceptions from the requirements on driving and resting times for transport operations carried out under exceptional circumstances.

On 10 December 2020, ESA authorised Norway to introduce a temporary exception from 11 December 2020 until 1 February 2021, which allowed road transport drivers to take their weekly rest inside a vehicle with suitable accommodation.

Today, ESA has authorised Norway to prolong this exemption until 1 April 2021. Norway requires a 10-day mandatory quarantine for all persons entering its territory.

Acknowledging the need to ensure the seamless circulation of goods, while at the same time protecting public health, ESA authorises Norway to allow transport drivers of trucks carrying goods to rest in their vehicles while undergoing travel quarantine.

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