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Nuclear center to be built in Hanoi with Russian help

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Vietnam will develop a nuclear science & technology center with two components in Da Lat and Hanoi, according to the director of the Vietnam Atomic Research Institute, Tran Chi Thanh.

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The center will be built with preferential loans of $500 million from the Russian government.

The center will help improve Vietnam’s science & technology capacity to acquire technology to be transferred, proceeding to self-control in operation, maintenance and repair of nuclear power plants, ensuring the plants’ safe and efficient operation.

The research center will bring opportunities to carry out experiments and promote the utilization of atomic energy in socio-economic fields.

The key component of the project will be the nuclear reactor for research which has the expected capacity of 15 MW, or 30 times higher than the operational reactor in Da Lat.

At present, the reactor in Da Lat can only satisfy 30 percent of the radioisotope demand from hospitals in Vietnam. However, once the new reactor becomes operational, 100 percent of the demand will be met.

Thanh affirmed that in the last 50-60 years of the development of the atomic industry, there has been no unfortunate accident with research reactors.

The research nuclear reactor is safe, and will be put into operation by 2025.

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