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Number of electric cars in Austria more than doubled

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According to Statistics Austria, a total of 303 942 new passenger cars was registered from January to November 2016, which represented an increase of 6.4% compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Already now, one month before the end of the year, the new car registrations reached the annual results of 2014 (303,318).

Considering a December average of 19,478 new passenger car registrations during the last ten years it is expected, that the annual result of 2015 (308,555) will be significantly exceeded at the end of 2016.

From January to November 2016, the diesel-driven passenger cars could increase (share: 57%) their figures by 5% to 173,347 registrations. Petrol-driven passenger cars (share: 40.3%) increased by 6% to 122,349 in total.

Furthermore, electric driven cars more than doubled to 3,604 registered vehicles (+133.1%); cars with a petrol-hybrid-drive documented a positive development as well (+58.7% to 3,904 units).

In comparison with the period January to November 2015, the following of the Top 10 makes of new passenger cars reported increases: BMW (+18.0%), Mercedes (+16.1%), Seat (+14.0%), Renault (+13.3%), Ford (+10.0%), Audi (+8.9%), VW (+5.0%) and Opel (+2.0%). Decreases recorded Hyundai (-11.5%) and Skoda (-0.6%).

Within the Top 10 models of passenger cars, VW Tiguan (+35.1%), Opel Astra (+30.4%), VW Bus (+22.4%), Seat Ibiza (+17.3%), Fiat 500 (+8.7%) and Skoda Octavia (+6.3%) showed increases, while Renault Megane (-14.8%), VW Golf (-10.6%), Skoda Fabia (-8.3%), and VW Polo (-4.1%) were on the decrease.

In November 2016, a total of 25 491 new passenger cars was registered, by 9.0% more than in November 2015. Diesel-driven (share: 56.2%) as well as petrol driven ones (share: 40.7%) reported increases of 4.3% and 12.4%, respectively.

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