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Number of foreign millionaire migrants to Australia skyrockets

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Some 82,000 high-net-worth individuals, defined as those who have assets over $1 million, left their home countries last year, versus 64,000 in 2015.

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This is according to the “Global Health Review: Worldwide Wealth and Wealth Migration Trends.”

For the second consecutive year, Australia was the No. 1 country welcoming millionaire migrants, beating even the U.S.

There was a 38% jump in millionaire migrants to Australia (11,000 last year versus 8,000 in 2015) and a 43% increase in those migrants to the U.S. over the same period (10,000 in 2016 versus 7,000).

High-net-worth individuals, meanwhile, left France last year in greater numbers than any other country. Some 12,000 millionaires left France last year, versus 10,000 in 2015, a gain of 20%.

This was followed by China (9,000 millionaires left, unchanged from 2015) and Brazil (8,000 millionaire migrants leaving the country last year, an increase of 300%, followed by India (a 50% increase to 6,000) and Turkey (6,000 millionaires left that country, a 500% increase).

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