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Number of newly registered cars in Sweden increased 3.6 percent

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During August 2016, a total of 28,811 passenger cars were newly registered, an increase of 3.6 percent compared to August last year. This is according to Transport Analysis monthly official statistics on newly registered vehicles.

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Diesel cars made up 47.6 percent of the new registrations, a decrease of 7.3 percentage points compared to August last year. Passenger cars that can be powered by electricity, ethanol or gas made up 8.8 percent of the new registrations, compared to 6.2 percent during August 2015.

60 percent of the cars were registered by businesses and organisations, of which businesses in the car retail trade accounted for 30 percent of total new registrations. Of the cars registered by private persons, men accounted for 63 percent and women for the remaining 37 percent.

Of the newly registered cars 27,784 were of model year 2014-2016 and 1,027 were older models. During the month 19,693 passenger cars were deregistered, which means that the total passenger car fleet increased by 9,118 vehicles.

New registrations of lorries increased by 49.9 percent in August. All other vehicle types but terrain vehicles, did increase in August 2016 compared with the same month last year.

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