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Ofcom to review broadband prices and pricing practices in UK

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UK telecommunications regulator Ofcom on Friday announced a series of measures to help customers get better broadband deals.

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The regulator said less than half of UK homes which could switch to superfast broadband for equal or less money than they are currently paying have taken up the opportunity.

It is therefore planning new measures to ensure customers are informed on what is available to them and can switch to better deals.

Ofcom is proposing to force broadband companies, as well as mobile, landline and pay-TV providers, to disclose their best available deal to customers when their current plan is coming to an end and subsequently every year.

The regulator is also launching a review of broadband pricing practices to find out why some people pay more than others and ensure customers are protected from bad deals.

Lastly, it is launching a campaign called "Boost Your Broadband" to help people find a deal best suited to their needs.

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