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One Belt, One Road initiative drives export to Eastern Europe

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The export of fresh fruit to Eastern Europe accounts for 90% of the Zhangzhou and Xiamen export business. The sector is performing well.

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In the previous six months orders for fresh produce amounting to a total value of $446,987,000 were received from Eastern Europe. This represents a growth of 235% compared with the same period last year. This growth is a direct result of the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Indonesia is currently the largest export market of citrus from China. In order to minimize potentially high storage and transport costs for the citrus bound to the Indonesian market, the Zhangzhou government has implemented the strategy outlined in the “One Belt, One Road” initiative.

Through the use of preventative technology, advisory services in line with GAP standards, and the application of strict risk control policies, the value of exports to Indonesia increased to a level of $21,257,000, representing an increase of 369.8% compared to the previous year.

Currently, it has been decided that 17 companies from Zhangzhou can participate in the initiative, including some who export pomelo.

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