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One CEO in UK worth as 140 employees

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FTSE 100 chief executives have seen their pay grow by 10% to further widen the gap between bosses and workers, according to a think-tank.

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The High Pay Centre found that the average pay for a FTSE 100 chief executive was £5.5m in 2015, up 10% from the previous year.

The average pay ratio between a chief executive and the average wage of their employees was 140 to one. The pay ratio between the average total pay of their employees in 2015 was 129 to one.

The median FTSE 100 chief executive pay was £3.9m in 2015 a slight increase from £3.8m in 2014. The slow growth in media pay suggested that the average pay increase was driven largely by big pay increases for only a small number of bosses at the top.

Advertising giant WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell was the best paid chief executive in 2015 with £70.4m, up from £43m in 2014.

Sorrel was significantly ahead of Berkeley CEO Tony Pidgeley in second place with £23.2m and Reckitt Benckiser chief executive Rakesh Kapoor with £23.1m in third place.

There were no women among the top ten best paid in the last two years. About 10% of FTSE100 companies had no female directors and no female remuneration committee members.