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One of 8 cars in Norway was all-electric

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Norway ended the year 2014 with 18,017 registrations of new passenger electric cars (EVs), which is more than the previous 7,845 in 2013.

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EVs are strong in Norway and are in the TOP 5 most popular models. Electric cars got 12.5% market share. The total number of registrations is even higher than that as over 3,000 were imported individually plus almost 600 delivery vans. provided a sales list via OFV AS with sales numbers for different brands. Volkswagen breaks 4,970 on combined e-up! (2,971) and e-Golf (2,018) sales in Norway in 2014, according to Best Selling Cars. Nissan (almost all LEAFs) had 4,857, while Tesla was third with 4,041. BMW i3 was at 2,039 and Kia Soul EV with 441 was able to overtake 432 Renault.

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