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One out of six US citizens will be foreign, black

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In 1980, the number of black immigrants to the United States stood at 816,000. By 2060, 16.5 percent of US blacks will be foreign-born, according to the Census Bureau estimations.

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"A record 3.8 million black immigrants live in the United States today, more than four times the number in 1980," the Pew Research Center found based on US Census Bureau data.

"Rapid growth in the black immigrant population is expected to continue."

The share of black immigrants is especially high in the Miami, Florida metro area, where it amounts to 34 percent of the entire African-American population, according to the study.

In the New York and Washington, DC metro areas the share is 28 and 15 percent. The study noted that half of the black immigrants are from the Caribbean countries, mainly from Jamaica and Haiti.

The recent growth in the size of the black immigrant population has also been fueled by African immigration, according to the study. The two largest birth countries for black African immigrants are Nigeria and Ethiopia.

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