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Organisations in the EMEA region tend to overstate their agility

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Businesses are unaware of the competitive advantages from adopting cloud computing and the competitive agility it can facilitate, according to Oracle.

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Oracle conducted a study Cloud Agility which found that out of 1,004 employees working in large enterprises in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), 58 percent of them stated that their business does not have the IT infrastructure to rapidly adjust to competitive threats.

This is in contrast to the 62 percent of workers who consider their organisation to have the agility to adapt to new business opportunities and rapidly develop products and services.

Oracle said that the majority of organisations in the EMEA region tend to overstate their agility and cannot actually be flexible in their management of workloads and quickly develop, test and lunch new applications.

Tino Scholman, vice president of Oracle Cloud in the EMEA region, said there is an emerging awareness of the benefits cloud can bring to businesses, but said not enough are aware of how platform-as-a-service cloud offerings can help them launch new services in a speedy fashion.

The study found that 78 percent of workers said they are aware of the benefits of injecting agility into an organisation to be successful in the face of competition.

A further 30 percent acknowledged the having mobile apps and services facilitated by cloud computing is an important part of IT infrastructure to ensure a business in competitive.

Yet despite this acknowledgment, the study revealed that 59 percent of respondents cannot or do not know how to shift their IT workloads and applications from on premise systems into public and private clouds.

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