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Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal to invest $8.1bn in smart grid

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South Asian countries' power sectors are struggling due to increasing pressure from rising electricity demand, failure to collect revenue and poor reliability.

With the aid of multilateral and bilateral lending organizations, these countries will make significant investments in smart grid infrastructure over the next decade to modernize their grids, particularly in the metering segment.

Smart grid investment is projected to total $8.1 billion over the period 2016-2026 with additional investment in prepaid metering, according to Northeast Group.

The four South Asian countries covered in the study–Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal–all have low per-capita consumption and a history of stalled power sector projects.

But many of these hurdles will be overcome through large-scale funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank, and bi-lateral aid organizations such as USAID and the German KfW.

The ADB in particular has pledged nearly $1bn in aid for overall power sector development in Pakistan. Additionally, large-scale smart grid plans in India will have positive spillovers in the region.

Both local and international vendors are active in projects throughout the region. Major global vendors such as EDMI/Osaki, GE, Itron, Landis+Gyr, Secure Meters, and others are all involved in the region's activity.

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