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Paris bans diesel cars registered before year 2000 to combat pollution

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Paris is stepping up its war on air pollution with a complete ban on diesel cars registered before December 2000.

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The ban, which has come into force on Monday, follows a series of steps implemented by current Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, which failed to deliver substantial results.

From now on, French drivers of diesel-powered cars will be obliged to put a sticker onto the front screens of their cars identifying how much pollution the vehicle emits

Cars with grey stickers, indicating diesel vehicles registered between January 1997 and December 2000, will be completely banned from entering Paris. Some 6 percent of France's 32 million cars will be affected by the decision.

Hidalgo has previously implemented a whole range of measures designed to discourage people from using cars in Paris, such as increasing cost of parking and banning free parking on Saturdays and during the August holiday period

In December last year, French scientists said the level of smog in the capital has reached a critical threshold.

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