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Peru: Exports to EU total $5 billion

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The Peruvian Exporters Association (Adex) announced the majority of the amount of exports to the European Union were shipments of Peruvian agricultural products.

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More than minerals, agricultural products topped the lists of exported products out of Peru and into the E.U. As of October of this year, products exported amounted to a total worth of $5,192,500,000.

Adex explained that despite the economic crisis currently hitting Europe, the trade agreement made in March 2013 has been upheld and helped the Peruvian market advance into other regions such as Malta and Sweden. Respectively, those countries received $135,000 and $500,000 worth of quinoa shipments.

Furthermore, total exports fell 10.6% due to the decrease in traditional commodities, such as copper. As non-traditional exports, such as food, increased 20%, the traditional products fell 21.9%.

The top of the list of agricultural products included avocados, cacao beans, canned asparagus, quinoa, squid, fresh asparagus, mangoes, shellfish, bananas, and grapes.

Receiving the highest amount of Peruvian products was Spain, followed by Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, the UK, and France.

In Luxembourg and Estonia, cocoa exports rose 711% and 407% respectively; meanwhile, Peruvian sardines to Romania rose an astonishing 1,082%.

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