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Peru second largest exporter of avocados

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) confirms that Peru has reached the esteemed position as second highest exporter of hass avocados in the world.

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Peru falls short just behind Mexico as the highest exporter of avocados world-wide, making a noteworthy leap from an almost non-existent market 15 years ago.

Figures put Mexico as the top exporter and the EU as the top re-exporter of avocados according to Minagri. Peru surpassed other close contenders Chile and South Africa, by bringing in US$ 308 million in 2014 and exporting a record amount of 177,800 tons of the smooth and creamy hass avocado.

Within Peru, La Libertad has emerged as the highest producing region. As recent as 2000, the region was producing 9000 tons where in 2013 the region brought production up to 74,700 tons (26% of the national output). The region of Lima comes in after La Libertad as they recorded a production of 52,400 tons.

The Peruvian environmental climate is a main reason for the growth of the market. Equally significant however, is the rapidly increasing demand and popularity of the bumpy green fruit world-wide.

Botanically, the avocado is a large berry that contains one large seed, or pit; it is also known as “alligator pear”.

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