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Peru to increase sales to Russia by 50%

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Peruvian exports of fruits and vegetables to Russia will increase by 50% this year. Ana Maria Deustua, executive director of the Association of Agricultural Producers Guild of Peru (Agap), said that this increase would mean the Peru would sell more than $80 million dollars to Russia.

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"Our country is able to meet the significant increase in demand for these products due to the investments made in recent years," Ms. Deustua said.

It's worth noting that Russia decided to suspend its food imports from the United States and the European Union in retaliation for the sanctions imposed on them for their role in the Ukrainian crisis, which opens a window of opportunity for Latin American countries such as Peru.

"This is an important opportunity in light of our strategy to search for new markets. The goal is to establish long-term business partnerships to ensure a steady flow of products," Ms. Deustua said.

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