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Peru's regional exports down 23.6%

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In the first two months of 2015 Peru's regional exports, excluding Lima and Callao, managed to produce a value of $3.35 billion, registering a 23.6% fall compared to the same period last year, according to Perú21.

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Primarily due to the fall in the prices of copper and gold, Peru's regional exports figures took a fall as well in the first two months of this year.

Following the results of the Association of Exporter (Adex), Lima and Callao however registered positive.

Adex reports that traditional exports decreased by 30.8% and were valued at $2.4 billion. This primarily means a decrease in performance by the mining sector. Performing positively on the other hand were value-added exports such as agricultural and non-metallic mining.

Value-added exports were worth $944 million and increased by 4.1% while non metallic mining increased 22.4%.

The Adex export manager, Gabriela Gutierrez, said that the regions of Piura, Ica, Ancash, Arequipa, La Libertad, Moquegua, Cajamarca, Cusco and Pasco, finished the first two months with negative results.

That the non-traditional shipments performed positively into 2015, is evidence to Peru's strength in agricultural products. For example, the National Chamber of Trade, Production and Services (Perucámaras) reported that in 2014 exports of non-traditional products from the northern region of Peru, alone increased 13.3% reaching $2.8 billion.

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