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Petrol most expensive in Denmark, cheapest in Emirates

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The most expensive place to fill up a tank with petrol is Denmark, according to the report by Louth accountants, UHY Farrelly Dawe White.

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It costs about €139 to fill the tank of a Ford Transit with petrol in Denmark; in Ireland, it costs about €128. The cheapest place to buy petrol is the United Arab Emirates (UAE) followed by Malaysia, Mexico and the U.S. It costs €27 to fill up a tank with petrol in the UAE, €37 in Malaysia, €52 in Mexico and €55 in the U.S.

Irish drivers of diesel cars should avoid filling up across the Border, the UK has the most expensive diesel in the world. Israel has the second most expensive diesel, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Taxes account for almost 60 percent of the cost of filling up the tank of a Ford Transit with petrol in Ireland, compared to about 13 per cent in the US. There are no fuel taxes in China or Malaysia.

"When we try to compete against the likes of the US and China, we are blown away," said Alan Farrelly, managing director of UHY Farrelly Dawe White.

"The price of diesel and petrol in the US is about half what it is here. This is discouraging companies from setting up in Ireland because fuel prices push up the cost of running a business here. The Department of Finance needs to seriously consider the implications of these excessive levels of tax at a time when the economy is trying to recover from a severe recession. It is looking in the wrong pockets when it tries to balance its books."

Australia has some of the lowest petrol prices among the 34 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In fact, only three OECD countries, Mexico, the United States and Canada, have lower petrol prices than Australia.