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Philippines to increase geothermal energy by 75%

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The Philippines Energy Department is planning to grow country's total geothermal energy capacity another 1.445 gigawatts by 2030.

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The Philippines already have an installed capacity of 1.848 gigawatts, so the additional gigawatts would be a 75% increase. Their Energy Department website says employing geothermal has saved billions of dollars since the 1970s, because the country did not not have to purchase as much foreign fuel oil to run power generators. About 17% of the country's electricity is currently supplied by geothermal power.

However, the trend to build more coal power plants. For example, a 600 megawatts plant is planned for Subic, a 400 megawatts plant for Pagbilao, 300 megawatts for Mindinao and one in Cebu, as well as several others across the country. One plant is being considered for Palawan, one of the natural jewels of the Philippines and a top tourist destination.

The Philippines is one of the top geothermal energy producers in the world, and it has a lot of potential for further development epeciall when having in mind tht electricity consumption could double by 2020.

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